Who are we?


Our health and the climate emergency of our planet are highly affected by all the food grown, packaged and wasted, which are responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases that are produced. This project, Food Wave, aims to ensure that the citizens of Murcia are informed about this phenomenon and that they conscientiously consume food in order to reduce the negative effects of malpractice, replacing it with fairer, healthier and more sustainable habits


What do we do?


Everything we eat not only has an impact on the environment, but also on our health. The objective of Food Wave is to change for the better the eating habits of young people aged 15 to 35 through information, training and activities (for example, workshops). The intention is to share this new knowledge with their colleagues, friends, family, etc. Together, armed this information, we can influence major institutional decisions to achieve a fair and sustainable global food system by 2030.